Saturday, April 4, 2020

Brew Yer Own Part 2

Here are some photos as a follow-up to my Brew Yer Own post from a few days ago!




Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Brew Yer Own

UPDATE: I added some step-by-step photos here.

Today is April 1, "April Fool's Day".

My Facebook feed is full of jokes about governments banning sales of alcohol.

It must be a joke, because it could never happen, right?


It can happen, and it is happening in some places. And in other places, alcohol production and distribution are being deemed "non-essential". (Beer production and distribution will stop in Nuevo León)

I think this is a poor choice. Alcohol is an excellent and safe anti-anxiety treatment for many of us.

Which is why if you drink, now would be a good time to try your hand at brewing.

Keep reading and I'll tell you how to turn a bottle of apple juice into hard apple cider!