Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haggis Hunters

If you don't find yourself out on a hillside in the highlands, and you are not able to hunt your haggis but must purchase it, I can refer you to:
British Food and Imports 1 Court St Plymouth MA 02360 508 747 2972
As you might imagine, they offer a range of British items. A serviceable haggis they sell, aye, although it has nae lungs in't, and it is not stuffed in a sheep's stomach, but rather in plastic. My understanding is that the lungs and stomach are not legal in the US. But maybe next time I'll make my own haggis, so I can use sausage casing rather than plastic.

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Anonymous said...

The only animal parts that can be imported to the US are ones that have been inspected by the USDA. I'm guessing there isn't a huge haggis market here in the US, and overseas producers wouldn't want to deal with the onerous task of complying with USDA requirements for certification. Three years and countless dollars.