Friday, May 20, 2011

"Raw Milk Spring" In Washington, DC

This past Monday, May 16, there was a demonstration for freedom of food choice on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

One of the motivations for the rally was outrage at an elaborate, expensive, year-and-a-half long sting operation mounted by the FDA against a peaceful Amish farmer who was distributing his milk to members of a private buying club.

Here's a video in which Adam Kokesh (talk show host) interviews Elizabeth Reitzig (rally organizer) and Mark McAfee (owner, Organic Pastures, the largest commercial raw milk dairy in the country, and outspoken raw milk activist):

The video is actually a great introduction to some of the issues surrounding raw milk, including the legal ridiculousness.

For information about how to get raw milk where you live, click here.

For more details about the rally, see here and here.

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Unknown said...

Wasn't it a phenomenal rally? I'm so proud of those activists who supported our raw milk cause!

Alex Lewin said...

More than anything else, what gives me hope around all the real food issues is the awesome people I've met, who all feel so passionately about the issues.

May our ranks swell, and our numbers increase!

Anonymous said...

wow, only two comments here...interesting how cutting out the middle assholes leads to so much controversy.