Monday, June 13, 2011

Boston Public Market Association: Pig, Beer, and Ice Cream, June 26

The Boston Public Market Association's goal is to create a year-round, indoor public market selling local food in the Boston area.

I have been on its board of directors for a few years.

Please join us from 4PM to 8PM on Sunday, June 26 at the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain, Boston, for a summer party.

Our event will feature Meat Of Known Origin from Stillman's Farm, and other food from other local producers.

There will be a vegetarian option available as well.

$20 for adults (including one beer), $5 for under 21, and free for 7 and under. So bring your whole family.

Proceeds benefit the Boston Public Market Association!

[Update: Meat from Stillman's Farm. Ice cream from Batch. Beer from Boston Brewing Company (aka Sam Adams). Sauces from Burnin' Love. Tofu from Twenty-First Century Foods.]


Track said...

Alex: Had the pleasure yesterday of experiencing Vancouver's popular Public Market on Granville Island. While the market is very tourist-friendly, locals flock there for the produce, meats, fish, baked goods, flora and fauna. Why is Boston so slow to acknowledge the city needs this????
I wish I had a refrigerator in my hotel room! Laura Raposa, the Boston Herald

Alex Lewin said...

Laura: Thanks for your note from the Northwest!

The Public Market movement has definitely achieved critical mass here in Boston: the Governor and the Mayor are both solidly behind the project, and at this point, it's just a matter of time until it happens.

If you'd ever like to talk more with us or interview us for a story, please don't hesitate to be in touch.

Anonymous said...

I am a real foodie out in California, coming to Boston for business this Sunday through next Wed - any ideas on places to eat? I will be staying at the Prudential Center - no transportation.

Alex Lewin said...

What's your price range and taste? Deuxave is nearby and excellent. It's a bit fancy. Toro. Coppa.

I actually think a lot of the good options are not in downtown Boston. TW Food is my favorite. Ten Tables, Oleana, Craigie on Main, dbar.

Anonymous said...

No price range as long as the food is great tasting and good quality - I am used to all local/organic here in Cali, so that is what I am willing to pay for. I'll check out the ones you mentioned, but if there are any others, I'd be thankful!

And yes, I totally noticed there is a lack of good food DT - willing to take a cab to good food!

Batch said...

Batch is excited to be supplying the ice cream for this event! As we make our ice cream right there at the Brewery complex, it couldn't be a more local event for us! We'll be contributing our Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean flavors for all to enjoy. See you then, as Veronica and I also plan to indulge in all that tasty, local fare.

Alex Lewin said...

Batch: I can't WAIT to have some of your ice cream! Looking forward to it. Should be a great event.

Alex Lewin said...

Katie: Check the menus for the places I mentioned, check the maps, and see which ones appeal. My favorite, as I said, is TW Food. You would pretty much have to take a cab, but you wouldn't be disappointed.

Some Boston options are Deuxave (expensive but excellent), Coppa, Toro.

Olives is very good too. Heavy for summer perhaps. But you could walk the "Freedom Trail", maybe climb the Bunker Hill monument, walk over to Olives for an early dinner...then take a cab home. That could be fun.