Thursday, November 8, 2012

Win A Free Copy Of Real Food Fermentation

Would you like to win a free copy of my book? Each of the bloggers on my blog tour is giving away two copies of it! So follow along on the blog tour! (And if you don't win a copy, please consider buying one!)

6 comments: said...

Alex; heard you on Wide World Of Health on 12/9 2012!

We've onducted a
2 hour weekly Comcast Cable retransmitted show for over seven years with Access Sacramento, discussing Health & astropnhysically related matters. Can we arrange a series of interviews with you?

Access also conducts cable channels 17 &18 in Central Valley Ca. USA.

Contact our independent programming at 916 978 4020/ 24/7 or Email leaving your contact addresses.

"Conversations" Recruiting
Thanks for your valuable persistence!

Anonymous said...

Alex; You're saving lives of people needing safe natural Probiotics! THANKS!

Alex Lewin said...

Multiservices: Very excited to do this! My publicist is getting in touch with you.

Alex Lewin said...

Anonymous, thank *you*! Vive la revolution!

Alina said...

Hi Alex,
I do have your book. I jumped right into the dairy section and I have a couple questions. Sorry about posting it here but I do not see any email info within your blog to contact you directly.
Anyway, you say that kefir grains if not in use should be rinsed and kept in water in fridge. So far I have only heard of keeping the kefir grains in a little milk in the fridge without rinsing them. What is the difference between these 2 methods?
Also my grains seem to be disappearing and shrinking in size. Would you know the reason(s)? Yet strangely enough I am still able to make the same amount of kefir.
Thank you in advance.
I am looking forward to the rest of your book.

Alex Lewin said...

Hello Alina,

This is a fine place to post. I keep the email contact info slightly hidden to ward off spam...

As far as how to keep the kefir grains, I've had good luck keeping them in water, but I know that other people keep them in milk (and it makes sense that that would work). So I think you can do it either way.

As far as disappearing/shrinking grains, is it possible that you are mixing up grains with globs of fat, and perhaps eating some of your grains by accident? Not harmful of course, but once they're gone you'll be sad! Try straining more strictly perhaps? What kind of milk are you using (raw/pasteurized, homogenized/not)? How long are you leaving them in?

Hope this helps! Please follow up with any progress...