Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Teaching A Fermentation Class At Stanford

I'm teaching a fermentation class at Stanford, in partnership with Dr. Tia Rich and Dr. Angela Marcobal. It will be on four consecutive Fridays—Feb 28, Mar 7, Mar 14, and Mar 21—from 12:30-1:30pm.

Details are here (at the bottom of page 7). To register, click here, search for "ferment", and proceed. (If someone finds a reasonable way to link directly to the class page, please post a comment.) Enrollment is limited to 25, and as I write this, 14 spots have been taken already.

I could easily talk about fermentation for 4 hours, given the opportunity. But I will restrain myself, because I have two awesome co-instructors: Dr. Love will draw on her extensive fermentation and health and wellness experience, and Dr. Marcobal will update us on the latest in microbiology and immunology (she is a lactobacillus expert!).

The multi-class format will be great, because it will give everyone time to digest the material. It will also give microbes time to digest the food we make, so we can track its evolution from week to week and share insights.

I'm excited for this.


Anonymous said...

Alex, this is so cool! Congratulations. Wish I could make it down from Mendocino for this. But, my refrigerator is already cram-packed with delicious ferments. Best wishes, Jeanmarie

Alex Lewin said...

Hi Jeanmarie, thanks for the congrats! I'm sorry you won't be able to make it. That would be quite a commute for 4 1-hour classes. I hope the winter is treating you well--keep fermenting, and I hope our paths cross up there some time this summer!