Friday, March 20, 2009

Stillman's Farm Meat-Up

Last Saturday, March 14, I attended the latest Stillman's Farm meat-up in Central Square. They appeared in a parking lot with a freezer full of farm-raised, grass-fed meat and naturally-raised poultry, and opened shop for an hour or so. I'd had their lamb several times before, and I was eager to buy some. Their lamb chops are the best I have had in recent memory. (My memory is spotty, but I always remember a good lamb chop.) Their ground lamb is exceptional, and I got some of that, too. Beyond that, I got some pork butt (which is known as "country-style ribs" when you cut it up). This I plan on slow-cooking; maybe I'll braise it in kombucha. I got some ground beef, which is an entirely different animal from the grocery-store variety—literally. For anyone who likes their hamburgers even a little rare, I think MOKO ground beef is a must. And I got some nice-looking T-bone steaks for my friend. I recommend their meat highly. They offer a meat CSA for folks who want a steady source of meat, at a 20% cost savings. I should add that last Thanksgiving, I got a 22-lb. heritage turkey from Stillman's. My mom and I brined it and roasted it to general acclaim. It was moist, tender, and very flavorful; the skin was crisp and delicious. Some of our eaters said it was the best turkey they had ever had. We can take some of the credit for having prepared it well, but Stillman gets the majority of the credit. I don't intend to go back to Butterball. (For some fun stories about turkeys, including stories about their sex lives, check out Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.) [Photos: Van O' Meat; Bag O' Meat; and Happy Customer (that's my mom on the left!)]


JJ Gonson / Cuisine en Locale said...

I am so really very excited that you had such a good time at the last "meat meet"
I hope to make it to the next one and we can revel in the meaty goodness ensemble!

Frances Moore Lappe said...

thank you for your kind words about Hope's Edge. Writing it with my daughter was a mountaintop experience of my life. It means so much to us that others find it of value.
All good wishes to you!
Frances Moore Lappe

Kristina said...

I second your love of Stillman Farm's meat! We had purchased a bunch of their meat at some local farmer's markets and recently signed up for their meat CSA. We had our first pick up last Sunday at Clear Flour Bakery in Boston. We signed up for the 1/4 share, which is 5lbs for 6 months for $275. Not a bad deal at all. There are only 2 of us, so the 5lbs is pretty good, but I think next time, we might do the 1/2 share or 10lbs as we heard you get even more variety of meat and even some larger cuts like roasts. If we don't eat it all, we can just freeze some of it. Anyway we JUST posted an entry in our own blog, discussing all of the goodies in our first installment. There are a bunch of pictures of all our yummy meat selections. Check it out if you want! I think you can just click on my name for a link.