Sunday, January 10, 2010

Boston Food In Winter (UPDATED 1/11)

Winter does not have to be a time of deprivation in northern climes.

Here are some winter farmers' markets:
And here are just a very few upcoming food-related events in and around Boston:
  • 1-11: Somerville Farm Share Fair + screening of The Power of Community
    Want to find a CSA for next year? Now is the time to start thinking about it. Many of them sell out by March. While you're at it, see an awesome movie about how Cuba fed itself after its industrial ag system failed, as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union. Hint: They did not use GMOs. It's an inspiring story, and it brings with it an important lesson for post-oil ag.

  • 1-24: Hands-On Kimchi Workshop
    Learn to make kimchi! I'm leading a hands-on workshop at the Theodore Parker UU Church in West Roxbury.
  • 1-29, 1-30, 1-31 Fourfold Path to Healing Conference
    Sally Fallon, Tom Cowan, Jaimen McMillan, and others bring us a weekend conference built around their research and the research of Weston A. Price and Rudolf Steiner. I went last year, and it was inspiring. Check my blog from last year. In Nashua, NH.

  • 1-31: Souper Bowl II
    Who wants to watch football when you can have delicious, homemade soup? At Haley House.

  • 2-09: Preserving and Pickling Class I
    2-16: Preserving and Pickling Class II

    A two-part, hands-on, in-depth class going deep into food preserving, with an emphasis on fermentation. Also covers how to prepare dishes using your preserved foods. Click the link for more details. At the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

  • 3-21: Greater Boston Kimchi Festival
    So you think your kimchi is pretty good, huh? Enter it in a competition, and find out! Or maybe you just want to come check out some kimchi. A kimchi festival complete with celebrity judges, live musical entertainment, and kimchi-making demos. At the Theodore Parker Church.

Here are a few Boston food-related sites to keep an eye on for more events:


      Emerald Green said...

      hey alex - i'm a lurker to your site. i really appreciate the information and was OVERJOYED to see the winter's farmers' market. I'd never thought of that, and am so happy at the opportunity to support local farmers. thanks!

      Alex Lewin said...

      Excellent, Emerald! I'm so glad!

      Oh, I see I forgot an important one...the Fourfold Path to Healing conference in Nashua, NH.

      You should DEFINITELY look into that one. As if I have to say it...nutrition is key when you're expecting...