Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fermentation Demo, Wed 9/29/2010, 12PM, Cambridge Center Farmers' Market

I'll be giving a vegetable fermentation demo at the how2heroes table at noon sharp tomorrow at the Cambridge Center Farmers' Market, at 5 Cambridge Center:

I'll be done, packed up, and out of there by 12:45PM at the latest.

My plan is to get some turnips or rutabagas, beets, and parsnips, peel them all, shred them on a box grater, salt them, and start them fermenting. Low-tech. Keepin' it real.

Please come by if you're available.


City Share said...

That sounds like fun. If I lived in Boston, I would have attended. Hope you had a good turn out.

Alex Lewin said...

It went great--thanks!