Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boston Public Market Promised $10M And Building

The Boston Public Market Association, on whose board I serve, has been promised $10M and a home in an existing building. BPMA will use that money to plan and build a public food market selling local food.

The building will provide more than twenty thousand square feet of space for vendors, and is located in a neighborhood with heavy foot traffic near subway lines, bus lines, and commuter rail lines.

This is a major step forward for the BPMA. Thank you to everyone who emailed the governor on our behalf!

Some details in this Boston Globe story.

Watch this space for more information, coming soon.


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Alex, that's so exciting!!!!!!!!! Hey, will I see you in Philly, I hope??!


Alex Lewin said...

Kelly, thanks! I'm pretty excited about it. Now, of course, the real work begins...

And nothing will keep me away from Philly this November. And I'm going to drag as many people as I can with me.

Virginia said...

I'll be in Philly! Woot!

Alex Lewin said...

Philly is going to ROCK. For those who don't know what's happening in Philly:

Megan said...

I'd love to hear about any opportunities to get involved with the public market. I'm so excited for it and would love to help.

Alex Lewin said...

Megan et al.,

Please email

and you will be notified of opportunities that come up!