Monday, April 28, 2014

The "Donut Metric"

Mercola posted a great article several months ago called "Surprising Foods with More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut", comparing the sugar content of a donut with the sugar content of various other foods.


His list is definitely worth a look. For context, here are the "Nutrition Facts" from the Krispy Kreme website. It turns out that a "sugar doughnut" contains only 9 grams of sugar—ironically, less than most of the other donut varieties, some of which have 30 or more grams; but I don't think this detracts from his point).

Nevertheless, for anyone who thinks they are avoiding sugar by drinking bottled iced tea, say, rather than cola, please read the label. Arizona Iced Tea, for instance, has about the same amount of sugar in it as Coca Cola (depending on flavor)—so a 20 oz. bottle contains 60 grams of sugar, or "6+ donuts' worth"!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Boise Food & Health Weekend May 3 and 4 2014!

Last year, blogger and friend Raine Saunders hosted a Food & Health Weekend at her home in Boise, ID. We had a fantastic time--I led a fermenting workshop, and there were also presentations on liver and pâté, and on "sun, sleep and supplements". In between, we visited farmers markets, spent time at the local hot springs, and had a real food potluck!

Good news: We are doing it again! It will be the weekend of May 3 and 4, 2014.

Details follow. Please sign up and pay in advance, so that we can make travel arrangements and get the right amounts of materials.

Full info, schedule, and sign up are here. Or:

BUY NOW Alex's fermentation workshop, $40 -->
BUY NOW Raine's yogurt workshop, $15 -->
BUY NOW Cheryl's GAPS & Leaky Gut presentation, $10 -->
BUY NOW Mary's kombucha/kefir workshop, $12 -- >
BUY NOW All event workshops and receive $7 discount -->

BUY NOW Alex's book -->

If you have questions, please comment on this post and I'll answer them ASAP.

EVENT LOCATION: 406 W. Iowa Street, Boise, Idaho 83706
Phone contact: 208-869-8860


12:15 PM GAPS and Leaky Gut Syndrome with Cheryl Carruth 

1:30 PM Homemade yogurt with Raine Saunders

2:30 PM Demo on soaking nuts and oatmeal with Alex Lewin & Raine Saunders

2:45 - 4:45 PM Fermented vegetables - sauerkraut, kimchi, and beet kvass with Alex Lewin, author of Real Food Fermentation and the blog Feed Me Like You Mean It

8:00 PM Join us in Idaho City at The Springs for a hot mineral soak to end the day!

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot at The Springs on Saturday, May 3rd -->

SUNDAY, May 4th 

1:30 PM Demo on soaking nuts and oatmeal continued with Alex Lewin & Raine Saunders

2:00 PM Kombucha & Kefir with Mary Korte

3: 30 PM - ?? Everyone is welcome to attend! Bring a dish to share and come meet the members of your local food community, with a real food potluck at our workshop location (see address above).