Monday, June 13, 2011

Boston Public Market Association: Pig, Beer, and Ice Cream, June 26

The Boston Public Market Association's goal is to create a year-round, indoor public market selling local food in the Boston area.

I have been on its board of directors for a few years.

Please join us from 4PM to 8PM on Sunday, June 26 at the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plain, Boston, for a summer party.

Our event will feature Meat Of Known Origin from Stillman's Farm, and other food from other local producers.

There will be a vegetarian option available as well.

$20 for adults (including one beer), $5 for under 21, and free for 7 and under. So bring your whole family.

Proceeds benefit the Boston Public Market Association!

[Update: Meat from Stillman's Farm. Ice cream from Batch. Beer from Boston Brewing Company (aka Sam Adams). Sauces from Burnin' Love. Tofu from Twenty-First Century Foods.]

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sauerkraut Michelada

A michelada is a Mexican drink made with beer, ice, salt, and something sour—depending where you are, it might be some combination of lime juice, tomato juice, clam juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, or the like. It's a great drink for hot weather, like we're having here in Boston (98 and humid tomorrow!).

But here's the thing—I don't like tomato juice, I didn't have any clam juice, and I wanted something more than just preserved lime.

What to do?

I scanned the refrigerator, and it came to me: sauerkraut michelada!

Actually, michelada with mixed fermented vegetables: red cabbage, turnips, parsnips, beets. I topped it off by rimming the glass with sal de gusano (ingredients: salt, chile pepper, and roasted agave worm).

So in addition to my refreshing beer, I got some fermented vegetable probiotics (which probably survive quite a while in the mere few percent alcohol of an iced-down beer), and some minerals from the worm salt.


(And it got me thinking...kimchi michelada?)