Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tour de Farms (Bike Tour) Boston 2009

I did this ride two years ago, and it was great. Highly recommended for anyone who likes food and is up for a bike ride. Bike rentals are available if you don't have a suitable bike. Choose the 15-mile loop or the 40-mile loop. Either way, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the urban and suburban farms in your back yard. The 15-mile loop visits The Food Project, City Natives, ReVision Urban Farm, and the Minton Stables Community Garden. The 40-mile loop visits Allandale Farm, Waltham Fields Community Farm, Newton Community Farm, and Brookwood Community Farm. Sponsors include Farm Aid, MassBike, Urban AdvenTours, Boston Natural Areas Network, Bikes Not Bombs, Dot Bikes, and Rozzie Bikes. They're looking for ride marshals, too: contact jen(at) or 617-354-2922. Click here for further details and to register.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Want Raw Milk Delivered To Your Doorstep?

Do you want raw milk delivered to your doorstep in Cambridge or Somerville? Or to some other neighborhood, perhaps? If so, please read on.

A friend brought to my attention a new raw milk buyers' club:

Mr. Tarzan (aka

100% grass-fed organic raw milk in glass bottles ($4.50 per half-gallon, no mention of deposit), grass-fed yogurt, and free-range organic duck eggs, delivered to your door. No membership fee, $2.50 delivery charge per order. If you are consuming small-to-moderate quantities of raw milk, this is significantly more affordable than existing raw milk clubs.

Here's the catch: At the moment they plan to deliver within a 15-minute radius of Waltham, MA. Unfortunately, my neighborhood of Cambridge/Somerville falls just outside that radius.

I've communicated with Mr. Tarzan himself (Mel Oktay) and told him that I thought I could drum up sufficient demand in Cambridge and Somerville.

My request:

If you live in Cambridge or Somerville and you would use such a service, please LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW indicating how much milk you might order per week, and approximately where you live (neighborhood or major intersection is fine if you don't want to leave your home address). Leave contact info, if you like; or when you leave your comment, set it so that you will receive email notification of follow-up comments.

If enough folks leave comments, then it will be worth Mel's while to deliver to us!

Watch this space for an update.