Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will Max Kane, Raw Milk Activist, Go To Jail?

Max Kane appears before a judge on Monday to answer charges of contempt of court for not divulging the names of farmers and consumers with whom he was involved in private transactions.

If he loses the case, he could go to jail.

Max originally started drinking raw milk to reverse his "incurable" Crohn's disease. It must have worked pretty well, because he recently biked 3600+ miles across the U.S. to publicize raw milk.

If you would like to support Max, there will be a rally before his hearing. December 21, 9:30AM, at the Viroqua, WI Courthouse.

Speaking at his rally will be a fascinating who's-who of raw milk producers, political thinkers, activists, writers, healers, and film makers including:
For more information about his case and the rally, press clippings, etc., check out Max's blog, his video:

and Kimberly Hartke's posting about him.


Rachel said...

Hi there--

I've discovered your (excellent!) blog today as I look for other people in Cambridge interested in raw milk. I've been trying to find a sustainable, affordable way to drink it myself...JustDairy is cost prohibitive considering the amount I drink, and the other local group I've found isn't accepting new I've started my own! (or at least I'm trying...) If you know anyone who is interesting in starting a co-op type group, please feel free to send them my way. My email is Also, any and all advice is much appreciated! I've subscribed to your blog and I'm looking forward to reading it in the future--and I'm hoping to take your class at CSCA as well :-)

Many thanks and happy holidays--

Alex Lewin said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm glad you like my blog! It's great to know that you are reading it. :-) Thank you. And I hope you are able to take the class--this will be version 2.0, new and improved, more nutrient-dense than ever.

Here's what I wrote a while ago about finding raw milk:

What's changed since then is that Doug Stephan has been granted a license in Framingham, which is closer, especially if you're near the Pike.

Also, I've heard rumblings from the folks that they might be starting a raw milk buying club. Definitely email them at and tell them I sent you...