Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are You Looking For A Mother?

A biological mother.

Not your mommy, though.

I'm talking about a mother culture: kombucha, sourdough, vinegar, and so on!

My friend just brought this event to my attention. I wish I could go. Wrong coast.

Here are the details:

The Mother Cultural Exchange
Saturday, February 20 from 2-4PM
Cost: Free
3579 17th Street (between Dolores and Guerrero)
San Francisco, CA

RSVP to crittersalon AT
Subject heading "Mother Cultures"

For more information:


Anonymous said...

If only this wasn't on the other side of the country! The subject of this post immediately caught my attention. I had never heard of this type of "mother" until a few months ago, but since then I've watched one person go through an extensive search for a vinegar culture and another bemoan the difficulty of getting rid of some of her massive kombucha. We definitely need one of these here!

Alex Lewin said...

onecitytwowheels, we definitely need one everywhere! I'm happy to give out wine vinegar or kombucha mother. I made some hard apple cider, too, that I could share as a starter. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on a healthy sourdough mother.

And I love your blog. Just posted a comment there on your "About" page.