Monday, June 18, 2012

Make Real Food Fermentation A Best-Seller: Buy It Today

I want to sell a lot of copies of my book. But not so that I can make money. I didn't write the book because I thought it would make me rich. I wrote it because I have an important message that I want to share with the world:

Know where your food is from, and how it was produced. Learn to prepare it yourself. Make yourself healthy and whole. And have some fun, while you're at it!

I am encouraging everyone who's interested in my book to buy it today, June 18 2012, if possible. (Of course if you are reading this post after June 18, I would still love for you to buy my book...)

If a lot of people buy it from Amazon today, then it will have a much better chance of becoming a "best-seller" there. If this happens, other people will see it on the best-seller list, and they'll figure it must be good, so they'll buy it too!

Click here to buy it from Amazon

Alternatively, if there is an independent bookseller in your town, then by all means call them up or wander in; ask them if they have it; ask them to order it for you if they don't; and go buy it from them. By doing this, you will be directly supporting your local economy, which is really important, although your purchase may not have the potential snowball effect of a focused online purchase.

Either way, THANK YOU!!!


Jill said...

Just ordered my copy! Congrats Alex!

Alex Lewin said...

Thank you Jill!

bob taylor said...

just got a copy of your book from our library- would like to buy it, but not right now. i especially appreciate your well tempered comments regarding things like gmo foods, preservatives, etc.-- instead of slamming these things (and they may indeed deserve to be slammed), you just politely say that the topic might merit further investigation, leaving the rest up to the reader-- thank you- that makes for much more enjoyable reading. great book, looking forward to trying some of your recipes.

Alex Lewin said...

Bob, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I didn't feel like my book was the time or the place to debate GMO or preservatives, although I think I made my own views pretty clear. I didn't want to write an angry diatribe--I wanted to write an informative and fun cookbook that would bring new people into the fermentation fold, whatever their views on other topics. Thank you for understanding and appreciating my decision. And I hope you enjoy the recipes!

christian said...

Wow ,Great book..I love your recipe..