Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Yes On California Prop 37

Do you live in California? If so, Proposition 37 is the most important thing you will be voting on tomorrow.

It requires that food containing genetically-modified ingredients be labeled as such.

The initiative does not impose any penalty on manufacturers of GM foods, and does not say anything about whether GM food is worse than non-GM food; it just requires labeling.

62 countries, including such paragons of consumer protection as Russia and China, already require GMO labeling. (That's right—the U.S. is behind Russia and China on this one!)

California is a large chunk of the total U.S. market, so if this passed, many manufacturers would simply make one version of their product for the whole U.S. And the labeling requirements would probably spread to other states. So this vote will have a big impact beyond California.

If anyone has questions or comments about Prop 37, please post them below and I'll answer them ASAP. Also, check here for more info:

Voting day is tomorrow—vote early and often! ;-)


Kristopher Cleary said...

Hey Alex,

I can't believe the US is behind China on this.

I'm actually currently over in China and with the food scandels and poor food quality here it really makes it hit home how shocking the current state of food health is in the US.

Alex, ave you heard any news on the Cali Prop 37 voting result?

Thanks for you awesome blog Alex! After I bought your RFF book I bought 4 more to give to family and friends who love cooking!

I think I'll be buying another 5 copies to give away as christmas presents. =)

All the best,


Alex Lewin said...

Kristopher, thanks for your awesome comment! Interesting to hear your perspective from China, too.

As far as California Prop 37 goes, the bad news is that it lost, 47% to 53%. The other team went on a last-minute spending spree and spread their FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) across the state.

The good news is that (a) we're well situated to win next time, and (b) people in 30 other states are working to introduce similar ballot initiatives or bills.

So I think it's just a matter of time.

I'm so glad you love the book! And tickled to think you'll be responsible for 5 or 10 purchases! Thank you so much. Means a lot to me.


Kristopher Cleary said...

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the reply!

Well I must say thanks for the awesome book! I wouldn't have bought so many if it wasn't good quality! I gotta say, I wasn't sure how some of my friends and family would feel about ferments like Kimchi (very 'exotic' for them). But they absolute love the subtle flavors of the ferments they're now making in their own homes... I've even introduced a little Korean BBQ style dinner at our house.

It's a real shame about the Prop 37 result. I have a feeling that the people spreading 'FUD' have financial interests at heart. As the old saying goes: 'just follow the money'. The WAP Foundation has taught me a lot about this unfortunate reality.

Like you say, thankfully it looks VERY promising for next time.

I get the impression that more and more people are slowly waking up to whats happening with documentaries like Real Inc. touching a vast audience.

Hey Alex, do you have an email address I can contact you at? I couldn't find it on the website just now. Or if you want, can you contact me at paullyboy45 AT gmail DOT com. I have some questions I would love to ask you personally.

All the best, and happy Thanksgiving!