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Updated March 12, 2013

Where to buy Real Food Fermentation

You can buy it at your local bookstore. This is a great option. It's a way for you to meet local booksellers, who tend to be interesting and wise. It's also a way for you to find out about events of all kinds, including author events, that might be happening in your neighborhood. Maybe you'll see me visiting there!


Or you can buy it via Indiebound. Indiebound enables you to find independent bookstores and buy the book from them. By doing this, you are helping to secure the future of local, non-chain bookstores, which often serve as important community cultural centers, and which are in danger of extinction because of online bookstores and chains!


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You can buy it on This will keep the book on their various best-sellers lists, which may lead to more sales. Available in paperback and also in Kindle format.

The Kindle electronic version is usable on Kindle devices, and also on computers, tablets, and smartphones.


You can buy it on By doing this, you are preventing Amazon from getting a monopoly!

A Nook electronic version of the book is available, too.


You can buy it on Qbookshop. By doing this, you are supporting the publisher more directly, and making it possible for them to publish more books like this in the future. (Unfortunately, Qbookshop doesn't have an affiliate program like the others, so less money goes to the author!)


For more options, or to see a preview of the book, check Google Books.


Electronic Versions

Real Food Fermentation is available in various electronic versions as well:

  • Kindle: Available here. Works on Kindles, computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Nook: Available.
  • Apple/iBook/iTunes: Available here. Only works on iPads—does not work on computers or on smartphones. And since I don't have an iPad, I haven't actually seen this version either!
  • Google Play: Available.
  • Other: It is available in ePub DRM format from other stores including Sony, Diesel, and blio. I can't speak to the advantages and disadvantages of buying from any of these stores. I believe they are all selling exactly the same product.


jenbrentjacob said...

I just ordered the Kindle version and I am really looking forward to learning! This book came highly recommended by a site that I LOVE called Empowered Sustenance. Super excited to add to my health!

Alex Lewin said...

jenbrentjacob, so glad that you ordered it! Hope you love it. Post here if you have any questions.